Discogs Random Pick 8/14/2017

Switchfoot – Oh! Gravity

Where to begin with this one. Switchfoot is my all time favorite band. I mentioned in a video on my YouTube channel that I own every pressing of every release they’ve ever issued on vinyl. Ya, I’m a little obsessed.

This album was released back in 2006, but it wasn’t available on vinyl until SRC Vinyl pressed it in 2015. There were two variants, this red one and a clear with smoke swirl.

While Oh! Gravity is not my absolute favorite album that Switchfoot has put out, it is still a solid album full of incredible tunes. In fact, “Faust, Midas, And Myself” is in my top 10 songs they’ve released thus far. I remember going to a show of theirs on March 29, 2006 at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL (one of countless Switchfoot shows I’ve been to). I was in middle school at the time. They were touring for their album Nothing Is Sound but were selling pre-orders for Oh! Gravity on CD, which came with a poster specific to the night’s show. The band was kind enough to even sign the poster for me after the show.

Every Switchfoot record is special to me in some way, and each one takes me back to a different period of my past. Their songs hit you in different ways at different times in your life. Oh! Gravity was an album that took awhile to grow on me, but some of these songs mean so much to me now.



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