Iron & Wine – Beast Epic

Iron & Wine - Beast Epic

Iron & Wine – Beast Epic

Another August arrival is Iron & Wine’s Beast Epic. I’ve actually been listening to this album for a couple weeks now, thanks to Sub Pop releasing a stream to those who pre-ordered. Early Iron & Wine material always struck a chord with me. Sam’s Our Endless Numbered Days was a definite favorite of mine. Beast Epic is a welcome return to those early days.

This is another album that had a few options for pre-ordering, including: cassette, standard LP, deluxe 2xLP. I ended up pre-ordering the deluxe 2xLP from both Sub Pop and Barnes & Noble of all places. My pre-order from Barnes & Noble included a thread bound lyric book signed by Sam.

Lyric Book   Lyric BookThe discs themselves are on red and blue vinyl, housed in a gatefold jacket. Side C on the 2nd disc in the deluxe version contains demo tracks, while side D has a nice etching that reads “Iron & Wine Beast Epic” in a yarn-like font, which fits nicely with the jacket design.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this album ever since the stream became available on 8/11. However, listening to this on vinyl is another experience altogether. I felt like I was listening to some of the songs for the first time when I dropped the stylus. My favorite tracks are currently, “Claim Your Ghost” and “Call It Dreaming”.

I’ll be heading to Nashville this week, 8/30-9/1, to check out the Live On The Green music festival, featuring Iron & Wine, Dispatch and John Butler Trio. *This event was cancelled due to weather*

Be sure to stay tuned for updates from the road!

To pick up a deluxe copy of Beast Epic for yourself, click below!