Sorry About Everything – The Invisible Hand of Tim

The Invisible Hand of Tim

Sorry About Everything – The Invisible Hand of Tim

I’m not quite sure where to even begin with this album. I’ll start by saying that this will likely stay in heavy rotation at my place. The band was formed by Starburns Industries co-founder, Dino Stamatopoulos, known for projects such as Anomalisa and Community. I had heard Dino sing a few of these songs on his podcast with Andy Dick, Skull Juice, and decided to pre-order the album to see how the songs turned out recorded in a studio. I was pleasantly surprised.

Starburns Industries put the album up for pre-order in the beginning of August. The first pressing is a limited edition of 500 copies, and includes an original watercolor by one of the band members. Dino also promised to write and record a personalized 30 second song for each person who pre-ordered. I have yet to receive my song, but I will update this post with audio when I have it.

The songs themselves blend Dino’s comedic lyrics with a well crafted indie pop/rock backdrop. Despite Dino telling people, “DON’T BUY THIS!!” this is a genuinely entertaining album from start to finish. Being a fan of Dino and Starburns Industries, I honestly bought this as a novelty. However, after giving it a spin I realized that this will be played pretty regularly.

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