Shinola Audio – Detroit, MI

The Experience

While I was in Detroit recently, I seized the chance to hang out at the Shinola storefront and check out their audio equipment. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the door and asked how I could be helped. I told the employee that I was there to see their turntable, The Runwell.

I was escorted back to a listening room that can only be described as my dream set up. Not only was I listening to TLC’s CrazySexyCool on some of the finest audio equipment, but I was sitting in a room designed for listening to records. On the wall behind the record player were black & white photos of recognizable figures in music history. In the window was a neon sign that read, “On Air”. The flooring was cool black wood, and in the corners were comfortable living room chairs. The employees had no problem letting me just sit, listen and hang out. In fact, they even offered me a complimentary Shinola Cola to sip while I listened. As I was flipping through their record collection, I came across Charles Bradley’s Changes. My visit to the store was on 9/24/2017, the day after Charles’ passing. It was quite the experience to sit in that room, and listen to Changes on that setup on that day. The word that comes to mind is “chilling”. Elsewhere in the store were ping pong tables and a cafe, establishing Shinola as bonafide place to just hang out.

The Equipment

The only model of turntable in their audio catalog is The Runwell Turntable, which runs customers a cool $2,500. The turntable has a built in phono pre-amp and is belt driven. The belt/pulley accommodate 33 1/3 and 45RPM speeds, with manual adjustment required to switch between the two. The deck comes stocked with a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and includes an aluminum platter.

The speakers they had running during my visit were also Shinola brand. The bookshelf speakers are an active speaker system that boast powerful sound, with deep highs and lows.

They had no problem filling the small listening room, and would no doubt easily fill a living room or bedroom as well. The bookshelf speakers run at $1,500, bringing the total for a complete Shinola audio setup to $4,000. Personally, I’m not quite in this price-level of equipment yet, but when I am I will definitely be taking another look at what Shinola has to offer!

You can check out their equipment yourself by popping into their store in the Cass Corridor, or by going to