Top 5 Most Unique Records In My Collection

In this edition of Top 5, I’m going to show off 5 of the most unique looking records in my collection!


#5 Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks
Label: Third Man Records
Discogs: The Ghost Who Walks

This album was released back in 2011 by Third Man Records. Of course, since it is a Third Man release they are going to have a ridiculous limited edition variant available somehow someway. The variant for this was on peach starburst vinyl…but there’s more than meets the eye. The dreamers at Third Man decided not only to make it peach colored, but also peach scented. That’s right, shove this thing up to your nose and you’ll smell a fruity aroma. Third Man has not disclosed how many copies were pressed.


#4 The Idiot Kids – Skeleton Boy
Label: Jett Plastic Recordings
Discogs: Skeleton Boy

This is a 45 recorded by Detroit locals The Idiot Kids released by Jett Plastic Recordings, which is also based in Detroit, MI. The look of this one matches the tracks pressed into it. It is quite a ride. This is underground rock at its finest. Limited to 33 hand signed and numbered copies, this is the Snakeskin variant. I can’t imagine the amount of work it took to get these looking the way they do.


#3 Blitzen Trapper – All Across This Land
Label: Vagrant Records
Discogs: All Across This Land

Blitzen Trapper set out to make a truly one-of-a-kind collectible for a few lucky fans. This manifested in 100 hand-created covers painted, drawn or otherwise assembled by different band members. On the back of the jacket, the band signed and hand numbered each copy. In addition, the record is a limited white label promo copy. These 100 special copies were called “Trapper Treasure” and shipped to 100 independent record stores across the country. They were sold at the same price as the standard retail copies! I was lucky enough to pick this one up from Park Ave CD’s in Orlando, FL on release weekend.


#2 The Dead Weather – Blue Blood Blues 
Label: Third Man Records
Discogs: Blue Blood Blues

Remember how I said the visionaries at Third Man Records always have a ridiculous limited edition variant of pretty much every release the put out? Ya, well The Dead Weather’s Blue Blood Blues is no different. The variant for this release was billed as the Triple Decker version. Released in 2010, these were limited to 300 copies. It features 4 colors of vinyl, including: two clear 12″ outer shells (with tracks pressed into the outward facing side of each), a yellow ring, white ring, and black 45 sandwiched inside the 2 outer shells. This may be Third Man Record’s craziest mind game yet. The 7″ sandwiched inside features a track by The Dead Weather that is not available on any other format. Sounds pretty cool, right? The catch, you have to literally crack the outer shells to get to the 45 inside. To quote Fight Club, many collectors, “…felt like destroying something beautiful” in order to hear that illusive track. For me on the other hand, I felt like keeping mine minty fresh.


#1 The Ghost Wolves – In Ya Neck V.2 
Label: Romanus Records
Discogs: In Ya Neck V.2

Another label that is doing some insanely crazy things with vinyl is Romanus Records. They’ve done everything from putting LED lights inside an LP, to putting Monopoly money inside a 45. This release is a record by The Ghost Wolves from Austin, TX. They’re a grungy, lo-fi rock band that rocks small stages across the world. The guys at Romanus Records decided to give this release a Dangerous Vinyl variant. Essentially, there are 2 clear 12″ outer bound together with actual gun powder and glow-in-the-dark razor blades inside. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this. And it plays pretty darn well to boot! This was one I wasn’t sure was going to make it through the USPS to my doorstep…


There you have it guys, 5 of the craziest unique records in my collection at the moment. Stay tuned for more Top 5 posts!